The Ski Movie Warren Miller Wishes He Made

by Suz on January 26, 2011

So remember when I said I was too lazy busy studying to make a video of  my  ice climbing trip to Ouray? I have since redeemed myself.  Or embarrassed myself.

One of the two.

Below, you have the opportunity to watch a video of my past weekend.   It may remind you of something your six year-old made in computer class.  I apologize for this.

At the very least, I hope that you appreciate the effort.

Suffice to say, Steven Spielberg and the rest of Hollywood can rest assured I will not be providing any competition in the film making department.

Unfortunately for you and fortunately for me, the little incident involving me, the removal of my ski boot, and subsequent pulled back muscle was not caught on camera, so that catastrophe you’ll just have to to imagine.

Who wants to go on the next trip with us?!?!?

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