February 2011

How To Sweet Talk Mexican Federalis

February 24, 2011

This is a sequel to Mondays post, Getting Shanked in Tijuana is Romantic I awake with relief to sunshine streaming through the car windows instead of bullets. We search for the appropriate person to pay for the campsite to no avail…so we leave. I mentally add ‘Thievery’ to our list of grievances against the Mexican […]

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Getting Shanked in Tijuana is Romantic

February 21, 2011

I started writing this two years ago, right after we took this trip and am just finishing it now, because I am a procrastinator and that’s how I roll… I needed a vacation.  To someplace warm.  And cheap. Marriage to a pilot has some benefits.  Although I unfortunately do not receive free peanuts or booze […]

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Craigslist ain’t got nothing on a murder map

February 15, 2011

23TGQJ98DCEQ Depressed doesn’t begin to describe the despair I felt a year and a half ago when I realized that my best friend house-hunting was no longer Craigslist, but instead the Flint Murder Map.  Even more depressing was the fact that I couldn’t afford to rent a house on a stretch of map that was […]

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