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2. Due to patient privacy, confidentiality and the threat from HIPAA that I could lose my job if I divulge patient information, patient names and other identifying details have been changed.  I have worked in over fifteen hospitals in three states, eight cities, and four countries. Trust me when I say that you do NOT know who I’m talking about.  Unless of course I’m talking about your aunt Margaret.  She was awful.

3. Please take every thing I say with at least one grain of salt.  If you are lacking a sense of humor, you probably should read something else.  Although I like to poke fun at almost everyone and everything, I am actually very caring and competent at what I do.

4. This website is not meant to give medical advice.  That’s what Wikipedia and WebMD are for.  If you make any life changing medical decisions based on what is written here, you probably deserve what happens. Please don’t be an idiot.

5. The only medical advice you should take from me is to quit smoking and quit eating fried twinkees for every meal.  You will die a slow and painful death as your legs fall off due to gangrene and you gasp for air.  This will happen soon.