Book Winner!

April 20, 2011

Sorry it’s taken me my dog so long to pick the winner of the book.  She’s been busy chasing squirrels in the backyard.  After much prodding, she finally went to work, picked a winner, and wrote it down on a piece of paper*.  She was a *little* confused as to what she was supposed to […]

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Happy Birthday To Me…Means You Get a Present!

April 12, 2011

After much thought and consternation, I have officially named today the birth-anniversary-day-thingee of SuzRocks. It was not an easy feat.  My blog is like that illegitimate step child left on the hospital stoop with no birth certificate and no way of telling how old the kid is.  You can only imagine the mental anguish this […]

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Two Books You Should Read If You’re Not a Racist

April 6, 2011

Today I’m celebrating African American History month.  I should point out that most of the country celebrated it back in February.  I really just wanted an excuse to talk about two awesome books I’ve read lately and both of these books have black people in them.  Hence African American History month here at SuzRocks. Makes […]

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