Altitude vs. Sea Level in Single Ventricle Physiology…about as exciting as it sounds

April 8, 2016

Big changes in our of the end of June, we are leaving Colorado and moving to Michigan.  This has prompted quite a few “wtf” responses from friends near and far alike, including the chef at my hospital cafeteria. We quickly pull out the Lula card in explanation so someone doesn’t try to commit us. […]

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How To Camp With A Baby With Minimal Parental Tears

August 24, 2015

1) This first step is the MOST important. Win at this,and you can stop reading….convince the whole family it would of course be so much more fun to “camp” in the backyard.  It’s that simple. Ooohh…still reading? I see you’ve already failed.  That’s okay, I did too. 2) Set your expectations accordingly. It is also helpful […]

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Co-sleeping…like Meth…not even once.

July 27, 2015

Yes. Meth.  As in that terrible-no-good-your-baby-is-gonna-end-up-passed-out-on-the-gas-station-bath-room-floor-if-they-do-it-once-drug.  I am qualified to speak on this matter because 1) I have a baby and have been a parent for all of 14 months 2) last year a house in our neighborhood blew up and burnt down after a particularly dramatic meth cooking soiree.  I’m not sure what more you want […]

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